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Meet our first Genesis 1 Panelist, Dr. Catherine Keller

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Are you joining us on the 14th of September for our panel on the Renewal of Genesis 1?

Meet our first esteemed panelist, Dr. Catherine Keller. Dr. Keller is George T. Cobb Professor of Constructive Theology in The Graduate Division of Religion at Drew University. She teaches and lectures across a broad spectrum of pluralist, ecofeminist, process and political theology. Books she has authored include: From a Broken Web, Apocalypse Now & Then; God & Power; Face of the Deep: a Theology of Becoming; On the Mystery; Cloud of the Impossible: Negative Theology and Planetary Entanglement; Political Theology of the Earth: Our Planetary Emergency and the Struggle for a New Public. She has co-edited several volumes of the Drew Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium, most recently Entangled Worlds: Religion, Science and the New Materialism. Facing Apocalypse: Climate, Democracy and Other Last Chances is forthcoming.

To register for this event visit our events page.

Catch our interview with ESR's Shmee Giarratana on our YouTube Channel

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