The Deep Water Initiative is a non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to building the academic field of Religion and Ecology through educational film and transformational media programs.  Our central ambition is to develop this field by sharing an ecological message with cultures and traditions of faith.


Through the production and distribution of educational awareness materials (such as films, podcasts, and audio essays), the Deep Water Initiative aims to use media as a platform to explore the interrelationship between humans, their respective mediums of faith, and the more-than-human Earth community (i.e. plants, animals, fungi etc.).  This is based upon the premise that media can be used to transform our way of seeing the world, and can expand our capacity to engage more deeply with the human experience.  We aspire to use media as a catalyst that can help us question our own worldviews, cultural standards and norms.


The Deep Water Initiative was founded with the intention of engaging with students, community workers, educators, and leaders of all kinds to help revitalize the connection between belief systems and practices that can guide humanity towards a sustainable future.  Our motivations are backed by the desire to align certain ethics, morals, and practices with the health of the Earth.  We, at the Deep Water Initiative, are inspired by the ecological potential within the religious and spiritual traditions of the world, and feel a responsibility to recover and reposition these traditions at the forefront of our thinking.


Charles Forbes Jr.


PhD Student, California Institute of Integral Studies,

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion

MA, California Institute of Integral Studies,

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion


BS, Rhodes College, Biology, Environmental Studies




Chantal Noa Forbes


PhD Candidate, California Institute of Integral Studies,

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion


MA, Tel-Aviv University, Middle Eastern History

BA Honors, AFDA Motion Picture & Live Performance Academy





Clint Walker

Former Lead Counsel, Barclays Bank, Credit Card, and

Lead US Giving Program

Jennifer Mulholland

Co-Leader, Plenty Consulting, Focus on Non-Profits

Michael Brodsky

President, Hamlet Development,

Chairman Emeritus National Ability Center Park City, UT

Scott Forbes

Corporate Board Advisor & Consultant:

Strategy, Finance, & Business Development

Former Managing Partner, Accenture, US Banking

The Deep Water Initiative is inspired by the ecological importance of water as an all-pervasive element that sustains life on this planet.  The metaphysical importance of water as both a cleanser and regenerator has been upheld by many cultures throughout the world, and is celebrated within the creation myths of different religious and spiritual traditions.  The Deep Water Initiative has been particularly influenced by the significance of water as demonstrated within the Five Books of Moses.


*The Deep Water Initiative is classified as a private operating foundation that qualifies for tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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