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The Deep Water Initiative (DWI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building the academic field of Religion & Ecology through transformational media and educational programs. 


We are a education-based organization whose central ambition is to explore an ecological message with a diversity of religious and spiritual traditions.  It is our mission to deepen and strengthen, the networks of change that bridge a contemplative life with integral forms of action. 

We aim to foster a dialogue about the interrelationship between humans, their respective traditions, and the larger Earth community.  This dialogue helps us to expand our capacity to engage more deeply with our environment by encouraging us to question our worldviews, cultural standards, and societal norms.


We, at the Deep Water Initiative, are inspired by the ecological potential within the religious and spiritual traditions of the world.  We believe it is our responsibility to recover and reposition, the ecological value of these traditions.  Our hope is that this will revitalize the connection between belief systems and ecological practice – an essential part of guiding humanity towards a more generative, and co-creative, future. 


Charles Forbes


MA, California Institute of Integral Studies,

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion


BS, Rhodes College, Biology, Environmental Studies


Chantal Noa Forbes


PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies,

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion


MA, Tel-Aviv University, Middle Eastern History

BA Honors, AFDA Motion Picture & Live Performance Academy


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