Meet our 3rd Genesis 1 Panelist Dr. David Kishik

Are you joining us for the Renewal of Genesis 1 Panel on 14 September 2020?

Meet our 3rd esteemed panelist, Dr. David Kishik. Dr. Kishik studied philosophy at Haifa University in Israel (BA) and at the New School for Social Research in New York (MA, PhD). He is currently Associate Professor at the Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College. He is the author of Wittgenstein’s Form of Life (To Imagine a Form of Life, I), The Power of Life: Agamben and the Coming Politics (To Imagine a Form of Life, II), The Manhattan Project: A Theory of a City, and the Book of Shem. He is also the co-translator of Agamben’s Nudities and What Is an Apparatus? and Other Essays.

To register for this event please our events page.

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The Deep Water Initiative is inspired by the ecological importance of water as an all-pervasive element that sustains life on this planet.  The metaphysical importance of water as both a cleanser and regenerator has been upheld by many cultures throughout the world, and is celebrated within the creation myths of different religious and spiritual traditions.  The Deep Water Initiative has been particularly influenced by the significance of water as demonstrated within the Five Books of Moses.


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