DWI to host screening of Sky Hopkina's latest film

Updated: Jun 13

Continuing on from our organization's prior discussions in past events  of the theme 'Indigenous filmmaking as a subtle form of activism', we  are honored to be able to host this online screening and post-screening  discussion of this years 2020 Sundance, New Frontiers film selection, maɬni– towards the ocean, towards the shore (pronounced: moth-nee).  Indigenous filmmaker, artist and educator Sky Hopkina's latest film is a spectacular avant-garde demonstration of Fourth Cinema and indigenous storytelling. In the post screening discussion we will be joined by visual storyteller, scholar and writer Dr. Dorothy Christian Cucw-la7, who will guide us in exploring the pertinent themes presented within the film as they relate to our present social and ecological moment.  maɬni follows Sweetwater Sahme and Jordan Mercier's wanderings through each of their worlds as they wonder through and contemplate the afterlife, rebirth, and the place in-between.  Spoken mostly in chinuk wawa, their stories are departures from the Chinookan origin of death myth, with its distant beginning and circular shape. In order to attend this event please register on our events page. Those who have registered will receive a vimeo link and password to the film 48 hrs before the event (July 12). You will have 48 hrs to view the film, where after you will be sent zoom details to join the post screening discussion that will take place on July 14 at 06:30 PM PST.  For any queries or questions please email Chantal Noa Forbes at cnforbes@dwinitiative.org 

The Deep Water Initiative is inspired by the ecological importance of water as an all-pervasive element that sustains life on this planet.  The metaphysical importance of water as both a cleanser and regenerator has been upheld by many cultures throughout the world, and is celebrated within the creation myths of different religious and spiritual traditions.  The Deep Water Initiative has been particularly influenced by the significance of water as demonstrated within the Five Books of Moses.


*The Deep Water Initiative is classified as a private operating foundation that qualifies for tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



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