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theOldWay: interview with Dr. Melinda Micco

Updated: May 26, 2020

Check out the second episode of the Old Way, with Dr. Melissa Micco of the Seminole (tribal member), Creek and Choctaw tribes. In this episode, Melinda shares her thoughts on filmmaking, community activism and being a Female Elder in our times.

Dr. Micco is the author of "African Americans and American Indians" in Encyclopedia of North American Indians (1996) , "Tribal Re-Creations: Buffalo Child Long Lance and Black Seminole Narratives," in Vol. 16 of Literary Studies East and West (Summer, 1999), and two articles (2004-05) “To Be or Not To Be Indian": Construction of Identity for Native and African Americans in African Americans and Native Americans: Explorations in Narrative, Place, and Identity and “Blood and Money: The Case of Seminole Freedmen and Indians in Oklahoma” in Crossing Waters, Crossing Paths: Black and Indian Journeys in the Americas. She co-produced a documentary with Esther Lucero Killing the 7th Generation: Reproductive Abuses against Indigenous Women which was shown in many areas, including the Bioneers Conference, Intertribal Friendship House, The Queer Women of Color Film Festival, and the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is working on a book Seminole Voices in Indian Country. Her current film project is Every Step is a Prayer: Refinery Corridor Healing Walks.

  1. For those looking to contribute to the completion of Melinda's latest film visit.…step-is-a-prayer

  2. To hear more from Dr. Melinda Micco and Chihiro Wimbush join us in SF on the 19th of March…ubtle-activism

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