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#SoundtheCall this Earth Day with Hazon

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Apr 22, 2020 - All Day

As we struggle through these difficult times, we look beyond the present crisis — Hazon is calling the Jewish community to #SoundtheCall on this 50th Earth Day.

This is a call to action — a call to change our behaviors, to think more equitably, to live more sustainably, to act more compassionately, to share the bounty of our planet with all who inhabit it and to protect our Earth from those who do it harm. Check out our resources supporting these efforts!

Why Hazon is doing this?

The shofar signifies a moment of change, a new wave of hope, a call to action, strength in the face of adversity. The shofar announces that living more sustainably on this planet is central to our Jewish life, not incidental to it.

We Sound the Call for:

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