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Meet our 4th Decolonizing Research Panelist, Dr. Dorothy Christian, Ph.D.

Joining us for our Decolonizing Research Online Panel?

Meet our 4th panelists, Dr. Dorothy Christian Cucw-la7, Ph.D. Dorothy is of the Secwepemc and Syilx Nations from the interior of BC. Her home community of Splatsin, is one of 17 communities that comprise the Secwepemc Nation. She is the eldest of 10, has one daughter and over 60 nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and nephews.

Dr. Christian currently serves as the Associate Director, Indigenous Initiatives at the Teaching and Learning Centre at SFU. Her research in academia has consistently centralized Indigenous knowledge even before those terms were recognized in the academy. In her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, Dorothy did a double major in Political Science and Religious Studies where she started comparing Indigenous thought with Euro-Western thought. Indigenous cultural knowledge informed both her MA at SFU’s School of Communications and her Ph.D. at the Department of Educational Studies at UBC, which focused on Indigenous visual storytelling/filmmaking practices.

In 2018 Dorothy guest curated the Voices From The Western Regions of Turtle Island program at the ImagineNative film festival in Toronto – the largest Indigenous film festival in the world.

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