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Join us at the 5th Annual Religion and Ecology Summit

Indigenous Lifeways, Cosmologies, & Ecology: Connecting to the Past, Restor(y)ing the Present and Future

In partnership with local advisors and with the support of Fetzer Institute, Kalliopeia Foundation, and other anonymous donors, the graduate program of Ecology, Spirituality and Religion (ESR) presents a 5-day online summit to explore the restoration work of Indigenous communities in the Bay Area territories. Indigenous approaches to biocultural stewardship and sacred sites offer insight to the inquiry of Religion and Ecology, which explores how spiritual beliefs and practices affect the natural world. Other presentations will address environmental justice and the broader context of Religion & Ecology.

This year's presenters offer diverse perspectives on the theme, bridging worldviews and pedagogies to enrich our exploration of Religion & Ecology through the interconnected areas of food sovereignty, stewardship of ancestral lands, policy, and protection of sacred sites. Confirmed speakers include Gregg Castro, Melissa K. Nelson, Professor Seth Davis, Chairman Val Lopez, Beth Rose Middleton Manning, Tatjana Kochetkova, John Clammer, Natasha Deganello Giraudie, Michael "Pom" Preston, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Paloma Pavel, Carl Anthony, and others.

The DWI team is honored to be participating in this event. In addition to presenting at the Summit, DWI will be sponsoring a film screening of Gather, as well as joining a discussion of the film One Word Sawalmem.

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