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DWI Joins the Green Sabbath Network

The Deep Water Initiative has recently joined the Green Sabbath Network – an alliance of communities, organizations, businesses and congregations that are committed to bringing sustainable lifeways into the here and now. Our goal is to foster a mass movement of groups that support the radical (r)evolution needed to stave off environmental catastrophe and human decline.

Participating groups value a weekly Green Sabbath as a day on which we strive to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible -- leaving things alone, “doing nothing” -- based on the biblical command to “do no work of any kind,” which was elaborated in the rabbinic concept of the 39 types of forbidden labors. A Green Sabbath stands as a weekly interruption of the economic illusion of infinite growth, divestment from fossil fuels, investment in family and local community, and moment of rewilding. Green Sabbaths are a ritualized, recurring time for programmatic individual and communal reflection on how we are undoing creation and a time for reviving our passion, energy and commitment for the work of environmental change needed during the rest of the week.

To find out more about the Green Sabbath Project, please visit their website at

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