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Discussing Jonathan Safran Foer's WE ARE THE WEATHER

As a Hazon seal site, the Deep Water Initiative team is continually searching for new and inventive ways to engage Jewish communities in environmental activities. And a pillar of Jewish life and thinking is an orientation given to positive action. Hazon means "vision," and as part of that vision, the organization has been working to provide Jewish communities with tools that can be used as outlets for positive action that can address the environmental crisis. As Johnathan Safran Foer, in his latest book We Are The Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast, points out: "The word 'crisis' derives from the Greek krisis meaning 'decision.'" (p.27) And with the world in a state of environmental crisis, we have reached a point where we must all make a decision - will we work to orient our daily actions around positive change to save the future generations of the earth?

To further this goal, Hazon has developed a We Are The Weather discussion guide for Jewish communities to use to help instigate sustainable change. We Are The Weather is a unique and powerful inquiry into the ideological foundations of collective change, as considered in relation to the current climate crisis. As members of the Temple Har Shalom community in Park City, Utah, the Deep Water Initiative team will be using Hazon's guide to lead a book club discussion on We Are The Weather for this year's Mitzvah Month. It will be an environmentally framed discussion of varieties of Jewish action that can help move the world towards greater sustainability, advocacy, and positive change.

If this is an event you would like to participate in, please feel free to contact us at

We Are The Weather Guide
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