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Deep Water Hosts First Spring 2020 Screening

On the 21st of January the Deep Water Initiative team for the second year in a row, hosted a private screening of 'Anote's Ark' for the IHP Climate Change, Spring 2020, study abroad student cohort. The screening was part of a week-long program that the students are currently engaged in, in San Francisco, before travelling to multiple countries on four continents in order to witness the causes and social impacts of climate change and examine possibilities for local and global environmental justice.

Themes discussed in the post-screening discussion included; land and people, cultural and environmental preservation, the relationship of colonization to climate change, the effects of climate on the preservation of indigenous traditions, and the importance of spiritual connection to land. Students attending this year’s IHP program represent a diverse range of States, colleges and cultural backgrounds.

To learn more about the IHP Climate Change study-abroad program visit:

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