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Decolonizing Research Gathering, Meet Moderator Dr. Rev. Sunshine Michelle Coleman

Rev. Dr. Sunshine Michelle Coleman is a spiritual leader, facilitator, inspirational speaker, and author. She is an ordained minister in New Thought spiritual philosophies and has a deep consciousness of love and service. She is a ritualist and has a passion for convening safe space for healing and transformation. Her professional career spans over 20 years in Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in management and professional roles within the retail, higher education, and financial and insurance services, and nonprofit sectors.

Dr. Coleman recently completed her doctorate in Transformative Studies with an emphasis on Consciousness Studies. Her dissertation explores the empowerment of authentic self-expression within Black and Brown Women in America using as a methodological approach her original contribution of Feminist Participatory Action Organic Inquiry. Her academic research is based on a sacred sister circle that she conducted in Oakland, California, given her expertise in having convened sister circles for many years. Additionally, she has a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior. She is a self-published author of inspirational essays, and her second book is pending based on her doctoral topic of inquiry. A native of Northern California, Dr. Coleman enjoys creative writing, participating in Beloved Community, and being in service to life. She has one son who is a professional artist and youth advocate.

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