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The Deep Water Initiative aims to use media as a platform for the production and distribution of educational awareness materials, which explore the relationship between humans and the natural world. 





The Deep Water Initiative designs and hosts numerous film series screenings with a variety of educational based institutions, including: universities, environmental fellowships/programs, institutions of faith and local film forums. We believe that film can and should serve as a dynamic education tool as well as a powerful agent of change. We support the screening of high quality film productions that address the complexity of ecological sustainability within local, indigenous and faith based communities living within a post-modern world.

Visit our Religion and Ecology Film Screenings page for more information.


Visit our events page to see past and upcoming events.





The Religion and Ecology Podcast is one component of the larger Transformational Media Program.  The goal of the podcast is to engage with thought-leaders in the field of Religion and Ecology (POD), provide an alternative medium for community-based education (AE), and to function as a platform for creative expression through original music and soundscape recordings (MUS). Our collective podcast interviews, audio essay's and original music are hosted on this platform.

(POD: Podcast Interview) (AE: Audio Essay) (MUS: Original Music)

You can follow the Religion and Ecology Podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes or the below Podcast feed.


Torah for the Earth is a podcast series that provides ecologically-centered commentary on the weekly Torah portion.  Each week, the listener will be provided with a short and impactful audio essay that aims to relate messages contained within the weekly parashah with contemporary, ecological challenges.  The podcast is hosted by Deep Water Initiative founder Charlie Forbes, who has an interest in exploring the scriptural foundations of religious traditions and their relationship to environmental teachings and practices.  By systematically evaluating the Torah, this podcast aspires to illustrate that an understanding of the natural environment is fundamental to Jewish thought and philosophy, and integral to an appreciation of Jewish religious life.

You can follow Torah for the Earth on Soundcloud, iTunes, or on the Torah for the Earth webpage. To read the full transcripts of Torah for the Earth's audio essays (AE) please visit please visit our news page.

the Old Way is a new monthly podcast hosted by Chantal Noa Forbes from 27 January 2020. This podcast hopes to bring forward the voices of people whose work is to promote and educate the public about Indigenous traditions, customs and former ways of life that are of ecological importance to our present times.  The phrase The Old Way is a tribute to author Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, whose 2007 publication The Old Way: A Story of the First People details her and her family's journey learning from and with the Kalahari Bushmen of Southern Africa.


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