Our mission is to build the academic field of Religion and Ecology through educational film and transformational media programs. It is our mission to deepen and strengthen the networks of change that bridge the contemplative life of academia with forms of action that work to facilitate a sustainable future. Our mission is governed by a number of key conceptual frameworks that inform both our practical activities and the relationships that we aim to foster through these activities.





The goal of the outcomes of this initiative is to provide “space” to broaden dialogue between various disciplines (e.g. religious studies, environmental science, philosophy, metaphysics etc.) in order for these discussions to enter the public forum and transform the perception of the human role within the greater unfolding of the Earth’s process.


  • We believe that it is our purpose to support an intellectual and ethical framework that can be actualized by broadening our cultural understanding of nature as the medium for all human life.


  • We believe that the relationship between humanity and nature needs to be re-imagined, and that this idea is initiated by developing a closer understanding of the interconnection between religious worldviews and the treatment of the natural world.


  • We recognize that although it is widely acknowledged that the Earth is in a state of distress, there remains a lack of participation with varieties of knowledge that put into practice solutions that can address both local and global environmental concerns. 





The dynamic between nature and culture is an ever-evolving process, and our aim is to ensure that three interdependent instruments of change- academic research, public education, and ecological action- are all cultivated in a way that transforms the human mind and ensures ecological diversity.


  • We design and facilitate a variety of educational film series hosted at universities, religious communities, and other educational institutions.


  • We generate online audio materials that are both informative and educational.


  • We develop alternative forms of educational materials that can translate to both academic and non-academic environments.





Religion and Ecology is a relatively new field of academic study, developed through university degree programs, academic journals, books, conferences, and scholarly articles.  We aim to work closely with those in academia who are seeking to broaden the dialogue between the religious traditions of the world and various other disciplines (e.g. environmental science, philosophy, public policy etc.)


  • We Seek to Build Relationships with Institutions and Communities of Faith

The importance of environmental messaging has been growing throughout religious and spiritual communities within the past few decades, creating a need for institutions of faith to facilitate a more indepth dialogue at the intersection of the practical and theological reality of religion and ecology. We aim to work with churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other establishments of faith to establish environmental thought as a theological and ideological mainstay for their communities.


  • General Public Awareness

We have stated that it is our mission to deepen and strengthen the networks of change that bridge the contemplative life of academia with other forms of action that work to facilitate a sustainable future. Our desire is that our programs will be relevant and accessible beyond the walls of academia and have meaning and practical application for increasing general awareness amongst the general public.




The Deep Water Initiative is inspired by the ecological importance of water as an all-pervasive element that sustains life on this planet.  The metaphysical importance of water as both a cleanser and regenerator has been upheld by many cultures throughout the world, and is celebrated within the creation myths of different religious and spiritual traditions.  The Deep Water Initiative has been particularly influenced by the significance of water as demonstrated within the Five Books of Moses.


*The Deep Water Initiative is classified as a private operating foundation that qualifies for tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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